Voulez Vous Cabaret Show & Dinner

UNIQ-Entertainment Proudly Presents

Would your next customer or staff event be French-style?

The seductive elegance of Moulin Rouge, with French flavours and elegant atmosphere… Voulez Vous Cabaret!

During the fabulous whole evening experience, people eat, drink, and enjoy spectacular performances and surprises, one better than the other. When guests arrive on the red carpet, the bright starry sky dazzles and the enchanting world opens in front of their eyes. Behind the shadows, the picturesque LouLou D’vil appears amongst the astonished guests.

We also promise rich, criminal, bourgeois wonders, teasing accessories and much more!

The evening is made up of several short show teasers with a longer main Voulez Vous Cabaret show crowning the evening, which elevates the mood to the maximum and stays in the hearts for a long time.

An evening full of surprises and temptations – Voulez Vous Cabaret is just about everything you need for your best business celebration party of the year.

The Voulez Vous Cabaret Show & Dinner is especially well suited for corporate staff events and customer events. Contact us and book your Voulez Vous Cabaret Show & Dinner event now!