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We are a creative and innovative event production company

We are specialized in all kinds of productions and events. In addition to our expertise in live and virtual events, we can also provide studio and technology services as well as presenters and other performers to support your event.

We have organized a large number of events of various sizes for the most diverse target groups throughout Finland. On our reference pages, we present, among other things, the joint streaming broadcast of several companies in Vantaa and the Personnel Event of the Year awarded at the Evento Awards gala.

We are also a specialist in various virtual events and broadcasts. We have a mobile studio that we can deploy almost anywhere you want to stream. The mobile studio includes a full-size studio with cameras, lighting and other accessories.

We also have our own fixed studio in the heart of Helsinki. There are many different sizes of shooting modes under the same roof to choose from according to your application. From our UNIQ Studio we can make e.g. webinars, kick-offs, training sessions, commercials, podcasts and many other virtual implementations and streams.

We are happy to help, so do not hesitate to contact us!