a sports feel-good event for Hedengren’s personnel

UNIQ was given the opportunity to implement a sports feel-good event for Hedengren’s personnel in September 2022. The Lauttasaari sports field was chosen as the venue, which suited the occasion and the number of employees brilliantly. Almost the entire staff of the company got to spend a day full of movement and doing things together in good weather and with a great attitude. Several sports were chosen for the event, and there was something for everyone to enjoy. However, the main focus was on a good feeling, being together and relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

In Markus Pöyhönen’s running school, we learned running techniques, sometimes played fun båltsi-football in the bubbles, stretched and relaxed under the guidance of Suvi-Yoga, learned about kettlebell training, and let off steam on the kicking and punching pads under the guidance of experienced trainers. Finally, the teams honed techniques and tactics for the event’s playful climax, the tug-of-war tournament.

The event was boosted forward by an energetic host and the musical coverage of a live DJ. Tasty field lunches, snacks and good drinks brought their own addition to the event. There was plenty of fun and happy expressions told their own story about the success of the event.

“Our autumn sports day produced by Uniq Entertainment succeeded beyond expectations! The new concept was enthusiastically received by the personnel, and this was also proven by the survey conducted afterwards. The sports at the sports stations and the leaders were active and approachable, the catering worked well for this kind of event, and the DJ maintained the atmosphere throughout the day. Thank you for the effective communication, and for the fact that we could count on the success of the event from the beginning.” – Oy Hedengren Ab