Helsinki Kalastajatorppa served as a venue for a 300-person company event when Neste Corporation and IBM held the new successful Beagle OP 2 Go Live Celebration product launch with their staff and stakeholders.

UNIQ-Entertainment was proud to be organising this event, from the early cocktail party to the festive evening ceremony. There was a red carpet, spectacular light and sound equipment, good food and drink, paparazzi, management speeches, announcements, glamourous Hollywood show and a band. Everything necessary to create a successful event. The evening really was a great and successful celebration and the people in the room enjoyed the evening very much.

“Thank you very much for the successful event and arrangements. We received only good feedback about the evening. The shows were attractive and everything had been taken into account to the smallest detail. The schedule of the evening worked well and the mood elevated a lot towards the end. The evening went really fast, which shows its success.”

– Anne-Mari Heikkinen, Project Coordinator, Neste Oyj