Hip Hop Mice

The first ever major performance of Hip Hop Mice to a mass audience took place on 07.05.2017 in Vantaa’s Energia Areena at the Teemu the teddy bear children’s party, organised by the Association of Friends of Children’s Hospitals, at which the Mice gave their maiden performance of their very first single “We are the Hip Hop Mice”. Every year many of the most popular children music groups have been seen performing at the Teemu the teddy bear children’s party.

The main goal of the Hip Hop Mice is to make everyone in the audience smile, but on the larger photo the Hip Hop Mice also take a stand against bullying at school. The Mice duo is always performing together with a live singing DJ.

So, the Mice duo indeed have earned experience and fame at mass events in large shopping centres, and now the Hip Hop Mice are eager to perform and entertain the youngest and, why not, the more mature members of the family at your location and event.

You can learn more about the life of the mice on their official Instagram page: