Night in Chicago


Night in Chicago Show & Dinner is a magnificent performance lasting the entire night. During the event the audience eats, drinks and is entertained in the vibrant, chilling, and sexy Chicago of 1920s – in the cradle of gangsters.

The experience starts as soon as guests arrive at the restaurant, with Mr. Corleone opening the doors of his speakeasy for the unsuspecting clients. During the evening guests are offered many mind-boggling dance and song numbers, glitter and glamour.

Nobody needs to remain a mere onlooker: the audience may join in the fight for money, reputation, and love.

The party lasts till early hours. On weekends the mood is kept up by the brightest stars of the Finnish music scene, and the DJ entertains the audience every night. You are welcome to spend a memorable evening with us!

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Night in Chigago

The owner of the speakeasy welcoming guests at the door

Customers were immersed into the right mood as soon as they entered the restaurant, as they were welcomed at the door by the owner of the speakeasy, Mr. Corleone and his showgirls. A musical-styled show held the public captive throughout the entire night, and received many laudatory reviews.

“It was easy to follow the show because there was little dialogue. Artful song and dance numbers held the spectators captive, and people were eager to join in games, and embrace the mood,” appreciates Taru Aalto, Virgin Oil Co’s shift manager, and the person in charge of the Show & Dinner events.

Show & Dinner was performed to the audience for altogether 22 times, and it was attended by around 3500 people. Some of the attendees were companies, but many were individuals and smaller parties. The company in charge for the performances was Uniq Entertainment. The soloists of the show were Mia Renvall and Tidjân Ba.

The Night in Chigago

The concept of the next year’s menu is already in the works

In addition to the performance, the dinner also plays an important role. It was designed by the Chef of Virgin Oil Co. Ville Päivätie. The buffet table served cold hors-d’oeuvres as well as a hot entrée, and it was designed based on the feedback received after the last year’s event. The showier offering received many compliments, and was clearly appreciated by the guests.

“The Show & Dinner event will be held again next year, but the more specific themes and details are still being worked on. However, the process of putting the menu together has already started, so you are welcome to experience an energetic and splashy show again next year,” says Taru Aalto